Installing GToolkit

GToolkit holds a new generation of Pharo development tools based on Moose engines. Currently, it comes with three fully productive tools:

These tools work in Pharo 3.0. To use them, you have to first load the GToolkit code and then replace them in the image. You can achieve this in several ways.

Download the latest image

You can download the latest development image from the Jenkins build server:

The image is based on a Pharo 3.0 image and comes with the GToolkit already installed.

Install it from the command line

Command line interfaces are particularly useful for continuous integration job. GToolkit comes with a dedicated command line handler that lets you set up an image with a one liner. Here is an example of how it can look like in a Jenkins job:

wget --quiet -O - | bash
./pharo Pharo.image save $JOB_NAME
./pharo $JOB_NAME.image config $REPO ConfigurationOfGToolkit --install=development
./pharo $JOB_NAME.image gtimagesetup

Load it from the image

Obviously, you can also load the code and install the tools from the image, too:

Gofer new
     smalltalkhubUser: 'Moose' project: 'GToolkit';
#GTImageSetupCommandLineHandler asClass new activate

Enjoy! And do not forget to send a mail to the Moose mailing list or the Pharo mailing list to let us know how it works for you.

Posted by Tudor Girba at 25 March 2014, 7:14 am with tags moose, pharo, tooling, assessment link