Moose: how to solve real problems without reading code (video from ESUG 2014)

I gave the above talk at ESUG 2014. The abstract went as follows.

Moose is a platform for software and data analysis ( It runs on Pharo and it can help you figure out problems around software systems.

In this talk, I show several real-life examples of how custom tools built on top of Moose helped solve concrete problems. The examples vary both in scope and in the kind of problems. For example, we talk about how we fixed a caching problem in a Java system by analyzing logs, or how we fixed a Morphic problem by means of visualization and interaction. Even if these problems are so different, all of them were solvable with one uniform set of programmable tools.

That is the power of Moose, and it is now at the fingertips of any Pharo programmer.

Posted by Tudor Girba at 23 August 2014, 9:24 pm with tags moose, pharo, tools, analysis link