Q&A: The tool or the method?

Moose is a tool. Humane assessment is a method. A smart engineer asked me the following question:

You seem to have two crusades: on the one hand, you want developers to make assessment explicit, and on the other hand, you promote Moose as a tool. Which one is more important for you?

Moose is a novel tool. Its novelty stems from its focus: it's actually not a tool, it's a platform. Instead of providing ready-made generic analyses, it aims to make crafting custom ones cheap. Still, Moose is just a tool. And like any tool, it requires a method to produce actual value.

There are plenty of analysis tools out there, but they all tend to fall short. That is because to drive them, you need knowledge. And, as long as you do not invest in building up this knowledge, nothing major will change. The industry focused on the technological aspect, and forgot about the human aspect of the equation.

Which one is more important? The method.

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Posted by Tudor Girba at 29 April 2012, 9:01 am with tags assessment, q&a link