Steering agile architecture video training published by O'Reilly

I am proud to announce that O'Reilly published my video training on Steering Agile Architecture. The training is based on my experience of working on the Moose analysis platform and of creating and applying the humane assessment method.

The training is conceived as an argumentation split into five parts that are both available separately and together.

In Steering Agile Architecture Fundamentals I address the questions such as: "How can we steer architecture toward a cohesive result in projects developed with agility?", or "How do we judge the nature of this problem?". I argue that architecture is an emergent property, and I introduce the notion of software assessment as an essential discipline for decision making and steering agile architecture.

In Case Studies of Steering Agile Architecture I explore how steering agile architecture can look like in practice by learning from concrete case studies. Even though each case study exhibits a distinct problem, all of them can be dealt with in a uniform way suggesting that there exists a systematic approach.

In Growing Agile Architecture by Empowering Teams I describe the process of dealing with architectural constraints through a daily assessment process, and I detail the skills and techniques required.

In Assessing Agile Architecture I dive deeper into the nature of tools and how they affect the way we work. I show how the same skills and techniques that were described in Growing Agile Architecture by Empowering Teams are also applicable to a broader range of problems, and I introduce humane assessment as a systematic method for software assessment. The theoretical parts are exemplified with concrete case studies.

In Exposing Agile Architecture we look more closely at tools and on why they have to be customizable. We pay detailed attention to visualization techniques and tools, and we show how they can make a difference when thinking about agile architecture.

The videos are also available on the Safari Books Online platform:

Posted by Tudor Girba at 12 April 2017, 12:38 am with tags assessment, training link