Build up your skills through courses that cover the theoretical, technological and process aspects of humane assessment. These courses can be delivered directly at the headquarter of your company or organization.

Public course dates

Steering agile architecture 1500 CHF 2 days request date
Software architecture for managers 750 CHF 1/2 day request date
Data science for software development 1500 CHF 2 days request date


Humane Assessment is a full featured approach which enables you to grow your software organically based on hard data. It ensures that your underlying design and architecture is right - continuously throughout the whole product life cycle. It integrates well with Scrum, making it an obvious choice in my agile toolbox.
Ralph Jocham, Agile Coach at effective agile. and Scrum Trainer with

Truly inspirational course - Tudor is passionate about helping anyone involved in software development look at the reality of their code base to make better decisions. Great introduction to the method and some available tools, will definitely share this with customers who are dealing with poorly documented legacy software.
François Bachmann, Lean/Agile coach

Data driven decision making is useful to make good decisions and to avoid boring meetings. It should be part of the culture of every company.
Lukas Renggli

Skillfully crafted and brilliantly executed, Tudor's presentation whizzes you through the conceptual endoskeleton of the Humane Assessment method in what feels much less than a morning. But it doesn't stop there. Tudor puts meat on the bone with accounts from the past years of applying the method, where it has not only saved the day, but sometimes the existence of the company. I highly recommend this introduction to everyone in the software engineering business.
Florian Winkelman, Software Engineer, CompuGroup Medical Schweiz AG

The Humane Assessment course was given in such a wonderful storytelling way, that that alone is a reason to take the primer. Yet more importantly, Humane Assessment can have such a huge impact on development, that taking the course is a must.
Robert von Burg, Software Engineer

An interesting insight in what can be considered a very promising approach. The course is mainly based on open discussions and case studies. This was very helpful in getting a concrete idea about the real impact of applying such a methodology in a real context.
Andrea Caracciolo, Junior Researcher, University of Bern

It's a pleasure listening to Doru.
Max Leske, Software Engineer

Humane assessment is all about taking decisions on facts, not instinct.
Erwann Wernli, PhD student

Ein wirklich interessanter und praktikabler Ansatz um Entscheidungen anhand von technisch orientierten Daten zu treffen. Tudor vermittelt die Inhalte mit einer enormen Begeisterung die sich auf jeden einzelnen Teilnehmer überträgt!
Damir Majer, SAP Senior Software Architect

I knew from the demo that Moose was a very powerful tool for browsing and understanding my source code and my architecture. But this two days course showed me how flexible Moose is and how easy it is to build my own queries. We started by learning the basics of Moose and how to understand the meta-model, then we've build our own queries, followed by our own views and even our own browser and finished by building a custom report. Our teacher, Tudor, was more than very knowledgeable, and he took the time to understand our issues and guided us step by step. He left no man behind, and I thank him for that. This course helped me see the potential of Moose and what I can do with it. Great investment.
Christian Lapointe, Agile Coach at Pyxis

A great really hands-on 2-day workshop with Moose. After a hard first day, at least for me, to get a bit familiar with Smalltalk, I enjoyed it a lot. I was impressed by the power and extensibility of Moose – it looks you get that with Moose you can get any information you want to have about your system.
Martin Kropp, Professor at Institut für Mobile und Verteilte Systeme / FHNW

Well conceived and organized course covering a wide range of topics in a concise yet effective manner. Solving tasks based on concrete problems made things easier to understand and revealed the true potentialities of the platform.
Andrea Caracciolo, PhD Student at SCG

Ein hervorragender Einstiegskurs zur Anwendung von MOOSE. Tudor´s Begeisterung springt bei jedem Teilnehmer über. Diesen Kurs würde ich jedem Software Architekten empfehlen. MOOSE erleichtert es anhand der Informationen die Analyse so zu gestalten um Entscheiden zu erleichtern.
Damir Majer, SAP Senior Software Architect

I found myself wondering: how can any software company afford to pass on the use of these tools?
Max Leske, Software Engineer