Adding Magritte forms in GTInspector

Magritte is a meta-engine that can be instantiated for any Pharo object. One of its applications is that of generating forms out of the meta-descriptions to enable the user to manipulate the values of an object. These forms can be rendered in multiple ways, such as a web form. Given that the engine also offers a backend for rendering morphs directly in the Pharo image, this can be leveraged to be integrated as well in the GTInspector.

Let’s take a look at an example.

In the latest Moose 5.1 distribution, the GLMMagrittePersonExample class provides an simple example for describing a person with a name and an address, and if you inspect an instance of this class, you get a form with which you can manipulate those fields:


How does this work? Both the name and the address are described as Magritte properties like this:

    ^ MAStringDescription new
        accessor: #name;
        label: 'Name';


Glamour, the engine behind the GTInspector, can embed Magritte forms directly. As our annotated object already provides a description, the extension to offer the presentation in the inspector is as simple as:

GLMMagrittePersonExample>>gtInspectorMagritteIn: composite
    <gtInspectorPresentationOrder: 40>
    composite magritte
        title: 'Form';
        display: [ self ]


That’s it. Once you have Magritte annotations, you can directly use them to provide form manipulation directly in the inspector, or for that matter, in any other Glamour browser.

Posted by Tudor Girba at 15 May 2015, 11:35 pm with tags moose, tooling, gt link