PetitParser tutorial at the Deep into Smalltalk School

In March, I had the pleasure of giving a PetitParser tutorial at the Deep into Smalltalk School organized at INRIA Lille. The European Smalltalk User Group (ESUG) kindly made the recorded videos available for the public: part1 part2.

PetitParser is a Moose engine for building parsers. In this tutorial, I took the audience on a step-by-step journey towards building a parser for MSE. What is MSE? MSE is the file format used by Moose to interoperate with other tools.

The main goal of the tutorial was to show that building parsers can be fun, and it can be accessible. The result was that in 3h, with few exceptions, some forty participants managed to build a reasonably working parser. They learnt where to look for information, how to decompose the problem, and most of them even managed to write tests for their parsers. And they all claimed to have had fun.

If you are interested, you can follow the examples from the tutorial by using the latest Moose release.

This type of tutorial is part of the full Moose Shepherd course. The video is rather long, but it does provide an insight into how interactive and hands-on this type of courses are.

The slides I used are also available:

Posted by Tudor Girba at 30 September 2011, 4:51 am link