Debugging tests and parsers with GTDebugger (demo)

Andrei created a couple of demo videos to show how the current version of the GTDebugger works in practice.

With the GTDebugger we aim to redefine debugging by providing a tool that can be molded to a desired context. The first demo shows how to obtain a diff view between expected and actual values when a equality assertion fails. This debugger exhibits a basic customization.

The second demo shows how to debug a PetitParser parser using a dedicated debugger. This debugger is at the high end of complication with multiple different actions and presentations available.

Both of these debuggers can be found in the Moose 5.0 image. And in case you were wondering, the size of first debugger is 131 lines of code, while the second one totals 661 lines.

Posted by Tudor Girba at 15 January 2014, 7:46 am with tags tooling, moose, pharo link